What are CloudShop's NameServers?

Depending on whether or not you have web hosting with us, you will need to setup the following nameservers.

If you have web hosting with us, and wish to use cPanel's DNS service - just use the following four nameservers for a globally distributed DNS solution:

  • ns1.cloudshop.net.au
  • ns2.cloudshop.net.au
  • ns3.cloudshop.net.au
  • ns4.cloudshop.net.au

If you just own a domain, and are taking advantage of our free DNS hosting, you will use the following nameservers:
  • ns1.nameserver.net.au
  • ns2.nameserver.net.au
  • ns3.nameserver.net.au

These will be added automatically in most cases, however if you need to change these manually, we hope this article helps. 

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